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Delia's Newsletter: FREE Book Gift+Interview with Latinx Author-illustrator

Delia's Newsletter: FREE Book Gift+Interview with Latinx Author-illustrator

Award Winning Author-Illustrator: Duncan Tonatiuh

¡Hola! Overtime I will share book recs, writing tips, podcasts with author guests, interviews, query trenches journey, and more! I promise not to spam you—just leave you with some fun content :) Let’s get this started 🎉

First, I want to gift you a copy of my book for FREE (ebook). ROQUI’S PANDERO BEAT is FREE today October 14 only. I humbly ask for a review on Amazon or Goodreads in return ❤️ Click “Buy now” and not “read for free” (that’s the Kindle Unlimited subscription). If you’d like a signed hardcover copy, you can get one here.

Now the interview! It’s always been a wish to interview Duncan since he wrote my all time favorite children’s book. I met him back in 2017 but never thought I’d interview him. That one day came! 😁 We chatted about:

-How he got an agent

-About his upcoming book A LAND OF BOOKS

-His 2024 book!

-Does he prefer red or green pozole 🤔

-Music he likes to dance to!

& much more!

Find out the answers by listening to the podcast (press play above) or watching the in-person interview on Youtube HERE.

*Youtube video has captions for the Spanish sections.

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*Please excuse any typos, I promise it’s me behind the screen and not a 🤖.

Hasta luego friend!

-Delia Ruiz

Delia’s Newsletter @Aventuras.En.ESL
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